Water leaks and high usage is a problem for many communities. Using new technology on existing infrastructure can save water, resources and the environment.

Did you know that in average, 32 % of the water disappears as a result of leaks in old pipes? Or that Norwegians use 33 %  more water than our neighbours in Denmark?

With this in mind, it is easy to see the positivies of reduced consumption and the ability to detect leaks quicker and more precisely. Using techology in such a way will be hugely beneficial for both municipalities, water companies and the consumers.

Our solution is universal and can be connected to existing water meters, including those that are already installed.

The formula is simple:

  1. Attach the device to a water meter.
  2. Data is sent using NB-IoT from Telia.
  3. Use the data!


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The technology has been thoroughly tested on housholds in Hjelmeland, in cooperation with IVAR and Telia. The results are positive, showing precise readings, excellent battery life-time and impressive signal strength.

Automatic meter reading brings several benefits:

  • Leaks can be detected quicker and more precisely.
  • Consumers can pay for what they actually use.
  • Old infrastructure is used, prolonging its lifetime.
  • The technology is compliant with all privacy regulations.
  • Data can be used for monitoring, billing, analysis or other services.

Use cases:

  1. Retrofit
    Complete device with integrated antenna. Digitizes old meters. Used in areas with scattered settlements.
  2. Urban
    By using Wireless M-Bus we can connect multiple meters to one antenna. Effective in densely populated areas.
  3. Demanding conditions
    An external antenna can be used in metal cabinets, pipelines and other places where additional signal strength is needed.

Do you want to know more?

Please contact our R&D Manager, Ingar Bergeland.